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Average Emissions Offset Per Year by Vehicle Type
Vehicle Type Description Avg. emission per year (CO2 tonnes)
4WD Also called sports utility vehicle – boxier shape, elevated seating position, and higher ground clearance than a sedan 6.5
LRG Large or full-size sedan including station wagons 5.0
MID Medium size, 4-door vehicle 4.3
SML Compact vehicle, 2 doors, often hatchback 3.8
HYB have electric motors with batteries that need to be externally recharged, supported by a petrol or diesel engine 3.0
EV have electric motors with batteries need to be recharged from an external source 1.7
BIK Motorbike or motor scooter 2.7

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4WD – $175.00 AUD, LRG – $135.00 AUD, MID – $120.00 AUD, SML – $99.00 AUD, HYB – $79.00 AUD, EV – $49.00 AUD, BIK – $75.00 AUD